Don’t Judge The Book By Its Cover

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In the course of our lives, we often meet people who, for one reasons or another, we don’t get a chance to get to know. So, we judge them by what we see. We judge the way they look, the way they dress or they way they speak. I’d like to think myself as a good judge of character, but Susan Boyle really threw me off. I know it’s a bit late for me to have just seen this video, nevertheless it is worth sharing.

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How To Make US $100,000 Per Annum From Youtube

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Natalie Tran is a 25 year old Australian video blogger with the higest number of subscribers . Her Youtube channel, communitychannel, has 1.1 million subscribers with over 400 millions views upload. Reportedly, she makes US $100,000 per year from Youtube partner program alone.

On top of that, she’s travelled around the world producing videos for Lonely Planet, won awards (and was the runner-up in Miss YouTube 2009), acted in a couple of films and been invited to speak at conventions, launches around the world and named Sydney’s 10th most influential people.

Here’s her latest video:

So, want to earn some money? Get your video camera out and start recording!

Original article can be read at The Sydney Morning Herald

Angry Birds Winter Wonderland [VIDEO]

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I happen to play Angry Birds on my Galaxy Tab, so I kindda love this video


Check out the campaign at Angry Birds Advent Challenge

How To Newsjack [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Original article can be read at HubSpot

How To Lead a Creative Life [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Original article can be read at Fast Company

5 Companies That Are Rocking Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

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5 Companies That Are Rocking Social Media
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Original article can be read at The Social Media Marketing Blog

Numero Uno

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Someone suggested to me today that since I like sharing stuff thru my twitter, I should have a blog to sort of compile everything together. So… here it is. Don’t expect me to do a lot writing tho 😉